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Books & Literature


4 Weeks


Starting Rs. 3975

Instant Certification Program

On completing an Instance Certification Program (iCP), learners will be able to identify subject terminology, the concepts, and the situation they need to discuss or describe as a school student, a collegiate, a scholar or a professional. The objective is to improve their academic and professional eloquence. The(iCP), program will also work as a bridge between academic and professional accomplishments.

The course is offered through distance education and in-campus (offline) modes. The level of certification will depend on meeting the qualifying criteria at the time of admission. The FOUR levels of certification are:

1. Certificate of Achievement
2. Undergraduate Diploma
3. Post-Graduate Diploma
4. Professional Diploma

Fee for the training and certification for each course:

Distance Education Program: Rs. 3,975.
In-Campus (Offline) Course: Rs. 4,975.

Note: Admission can be completed on any date. The course includes the books and Dynamic Blackboard access. For details: Call or WhatsApp: +91-9207544792

Books & Literature

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Elective Modules:

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