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THE GOLDEN - Success Insured Preparation



Looking to improve your English language skills and achieve success in the exam? Look no further than the Success Insured Program by IELTS Counsellor. Why do we symbolise it with the GOLDEN PHEASANT? One of the rarest birds on the planet ! For many test takers, it's a rare phenomenon of achieving the target results in their first attempt. To them, it is just like finding the GOLDEN PHEASANT in its natural habitat. Our program offers online and offline assessments to track your progress, and most of our lessons are recommended by English examiners. With our unique time-saving approach and guidance tailored to suit the academic curriculum, you'll be equipped with the best resources to succeed. Our use of technology streamlines the language learning process, and we offer extensive materials such as recommended books and CBTs. Enrol in our program today and achieve the success you deserve. Bonus: You can repeat the course without paying any additional charges.

Contact For Support Services

  • Kochi


  • Coaching & Guidance Center, Ernakulam, India.


  • 2 hours
  • 9,975 Indian rupees
  • Kochi|Coaching & Guidance Center, Ernakulam, India.
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