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Certificate in English Speaking L-3

Spoken English & Oratory Level-3 Course


Targeting to become a fluent speaker of English language, this course is the THIRD STEP which introduces the basic principles of English language, including basic grammar and essential vocabulary. Participants are required to combine these three major areas in direct supervision of the teachers and apply the learnt skills at their knowledge levels, based on their age, and academic standards. They will start after completing the LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 courses. By the end of the course, they can speak error-free with fluency, discretion, boldness and brevity to match the English that an orator needs for diverse type of audiences. UNIT-1. COMMUNICATION THEORY 1. Principles of Communication : Nature, Importance & Types 1. Concept and Nature 2. Principles and Objectives 3. Importance 4. Role of internal & external , formal & informal communication. 5. Types-verbal & nonverbal , introduction to document & aids like letters, circulars, reports, faxes, emails. 2. Barriers to Communication 1. Noise as barrier 2. Types of noise barriers 3. Language as a barrier 4. Organisational structures as barriers 5. Personal & Psychological barriers UNIT-2. GROUP COMMUNICATION 1. Meaning & Nature of Groups 1. Types of Groups: Small & large, primary, and secondary, formal & informal. 2. Channels and Network of communication 3. Modes of group communication: Seminars, Group Discussions, Workshop, etc. 2. Principles of Group Discussion • Definition and purpose • Process • Guidelines • Taking command of a Group Discussion • How to keep Group Discussion energized • Body language during Group Discussion • Types • Personality traits evaluated in Group Discussion • Mock Group Discussions & Webinars UNIT-3 PRE-JOB TRAINING 1. Listening + Reading Comprehension/Telephonic skill(oral communication+listening Practice) 2. Interview 3. Specific activities in writing skills. • Writing Business letter • Writing Minutes • Circulars • Writing Application for Jobs. • CV/Resume/Biodata/Profile Writing • LinkedIn Account Management UNIT-4 PRESENTATION SKILLS 1. Planning & Structuring Presentation 2. Tricks to develop rapport with the audience and diverse types of audiences. 3. Effective use of Chalk & talk, OHP, LCD, and similar communication devices. 4. Flair in using Power point, Zoom, Internet, and Windows OS to support communication. UNIT-5 PROJECT BASED ON PRESENTATION, WEBINAR, INTERVIEWS, TV PROGRAMME, OR NEWSPAPERS.

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