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Diploma in Communicative English

English Speaking and Contemporary Oratory Skills L 1-3


There are THREE levels to complete the English Speaking and Oratory Course: NB: You would be paying here, for ANY ONE of the three levels. (All three levels have same course fee in any particular country or region). The FIRST level will create the foundations of English with focus on the essentials of speech making process. The lessons will handle the practicalities of problems faced by the young learners. To give them confidence, the fear of accent, erratic pronunciation, and grammatical concepts will be removed to support them read, write, and listen confidently, at their maturity level. The Second Level Course will introduce the Communication Theory and provide practical lessons to deal with the Group communication activities such as conversations in Meetings, Debates, Arguments, Symposium, Conference and attending or conducting Interviews. It will prepare them to present professionally using PowerPoint and similar tools onscreen. They will be tested at the end through project submission based on Presentations, Webinars, Interviews, TV Programmes, or Newspapers. In the THIRD Phase of Oratory Skills Development, participants would be familiar enough to understand the Need for Public Speaking and prominent Speech Styles. They would be exposed to confident-building measures and would be able to analyse the key skills in speeches by the famous Orators of The World. At this stage, they can be allowed to self-test their advanced oratory skills like Fluency, Discretion, Conviction, Diction, Voice Modulation, Boldness, Spontaneity & Persuasiveness. Finally, before being certified, they are evaluated through projects based on Speech Making, Monologues, Dialogues, Discussions, Public Speech, and Handling Criticism. Note: You would be paying here, for ANY ONE of the three levels.

Contact For Support Services

  • Coaching & Guidance Center, Ernakulam, India.


  • 1 h
  • 14,975 Indian rupees
  • Coaching & Guidance Center, Ernakulam, India.
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