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THE TERN - Intensive Preparation



This is the INTENSIVE Preparation curriculum. Intensive education is an alternative educational approach in which students study one or two subjects a day for a concentrated number of weeks. What is the intensive study method? Intensive study sessions are short and will allow you to get work done with minimal wasted effort. Shorter, intensive study times are more effective than drawn out studying. In fact, one of the most effective study strategies is distributing studying over multiple sessions. Just like our teachers, you would be inspired by Arctic Terns: No other animal in the world has quite as epic a migration journey as the arctic tern, which will fly between 12,000 and 50,000 miles in 90 days, zipping across the globe from Greenland to Antarctica with the change of seasons. This four-ounce bird doesn’t even get that long to rest before it’s time to head back, spending around six months of every year in the air. So, if you have the stamina, we have the strategies for your success. The Key Features : Online and offline assessment of progress Most lessons recommended by the examiners. Suitably designed guidance to match the modules. Books & CBTs as recommended by prominent examiners. Use of technology to streamline the language learning process. Extensive practice sessions, based on previous test papers. Group discussions, speeches, interviews & presentations. Guided simulation examinations for all participants. Latest updates, guidelines, and exam strategies. Dynamic Blackboard to study anywhere. Certified Teachers Teaching experience of 10+ years Post-Graduate; TEFL/CELTA qualified We believe, your success is based on 1%inspiration and 99% perspiration. We believe, your success is our success; this explains why we are dedicated 24x7. We believe any unrealistic guarantee is just alluring and leads to loss of time and resources. Besides necessity, preparing for exam needs your understanding of the English language, your curiosity, consistent efforts, sagacious planning and above all, experienced mentors. It has been the prime objective of our training facilities, globally, to make learning not only affordable but also interesting for the students, professionals, and test-takers.

Contact For Support Services

  • Kochi


  • Coaching & Guidance Center, Ernakulam, India.


  • 1 hour
  • 8,975 Indian rupees
  • Kochi|Coaching & Guidance Center, Ernakulam, India.
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