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Course Content Developer - Sr.

Scope / Responsibilities
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An E-learning company is looking for Content Writers, SMEs, and Technical Writers to write content for energy efficiency awareness courses. As a course content writer, you would create the written content for Energy Efficiency Awareness Course, either in campus or remotely. The content may be as a training video, an online eLearning course, or printouts for in-person classroom.

Min. Experience:

2 - 3


A suitable applicant should be qualified in the respective fields such as content writing, technical writing, or instructional design. Qualification in the  project topic would be preferable. 

Work Mode: 


Recruiter / Publisher:

IELTS Counsellor

Date Posted:

July 31, 2022 at 9:00:00 PM


Aligarh, Kochi, Kolkata, Dammam

As a Content Writer or Developer, you will create course content for Energy Efficiency Awareness Programmes. This position will support content creation for multiple learning modalities (instructor-led, webinars, video, etc.), but will primarily focus on online content creation.

Application and Selection:
• Send your latest resume/CV, clearly mentioning qualifications, experience, and availability.
• Those interested as a freelancer, may also apply.
• Providing a sample project as supporting evidence would be an added advantage
• Selection of the shortlisted applicants would be done after online/telephonic interview.
• Providing a sample project as supporting evidence would be an added advantage.
• Send your CVs to
CareerVacs Recruitment

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