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Certificate in Spoken English

Speak in English with Eloquence


Targeting to become a fluent speaker of English language, this course is the first step which introduces the basic principles of English language, including basic grammar and essential vocabulary. Participants are required to combine these three major areas in direct supervision of the teachers and apply the learnt skills at their knowledge levels, based on their age, and academic standards. They will start from scratch and by the end of the course, they can speak error-free English matching their maturity levels. UNIT-1 BASIC PHONETICS (a) Consonants and Vowel Sounds. (b) Phoneme & syllable (Introduction to stress, accent & intonation) • Definition and Scope • Speech Mechanism :An introduction • Description of Human vocal organs: Active & Passive Articulators. • Phonemes and syllables (Introduction, to stress, accent & intonation) • Consonants of English-Definition and Description w.r.t. to Tongue Lips and soft plate position. UNIT-2 CLASSIFICATION 1. Pure Vowel/monophthongs (Front, central and back, open and closed, short and long, strong, and Weak, Rounded, and unrounded) 2. Vowel Glides /Diphthongs(closing and cantering) 3. Phonetic transcription using IPA symbols – words, features of connected speech (Intonation, assimilation of consonant cluster, weak forms) spelling patterns of English. UNIT-3 GRAMMAR 1. Verb Forms and Tense 2. Subject Verb Agreement 3. Voice - Active and Passive 4. Antonyms and their use 5. Synonyms and their use 6. Prefix and Suffix - Word formation 7. Parts of Speech and their rules 8. Narration - Direct and Indirect 9. Writing fluently on a given topic UNIT-4 WRITING SKILLS 1. Composing simple paragraph-Ordering information in a logical manner (coherence). 2. Essay Writing (250 words)-Argumentative, Narrative, Descriptive, Imaginative. 3. Writing Advertisement 4. Writing Welcome Speech & Vote of Thanks. UNIT-5 PRINCIPLES OF PUBLIC SPEAKING 1. Definition and Purpose 2. Process 3. Guidelines 4. Helpful Expressions of Introduction & Conclusion 5. Taking Command of audience attention span Instructor: Cambridge-Certified Teachers We are committed uniquely: 1. We believe, your success is based on 1%inspiration and 99% perspiration. 2. We believe, your success is our success; this explains why we are dedicated 24x7. 3. We believe any unrealistic guarantee is just alluring and leads to loss of time and resources.

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