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Teaching Facilities (Projection 2020) :  India : New Delhi  |  Bangalore   |  Kochi  |  Aligarh  |  Kolkata   |   Nevada;    ​Gulf & MEA:  Al-Khobar  |  Dammam   | Manama           Norway:  Oslo  |   Canada :  Ontario  |  Toronto

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Since 1989, located in the heart of the world-famous university, IELTS Counsellor has become a choice of more than 3000 professionals internationally. IELTS Counsellor is based in Aligarh (India), a familiar name in the field of education and learning, particularly due to the presence of the Internationally renowned university which is known for not only a remarkable studentship but also for its struggle in spreading education and  promotion of human values. In Middle-East, IELTS Counsellor provides mentoring services on selected locations. For instance, participants get benefited for IELTS preparation in Saudi Arabia in Dammam and Al Khobar as well as from the adjoining cities of Jubail, Abqaiq and Hofuf.  Mostly, they are students and professionals for university admissions or they are seeking immigration abroad.


IELTS Counsellor has long experience in preparing students, professionals, and immigration seekers for IELTS Tests.  Based in India, our experienced teachers educate ESL learners globally through ‘troubleshooting’ language inaccuracies and ensure methodical proficiency development to enhance their confidence. Our certified lecturers use ‘time-savers’ for busy people. Needless to mention, we despise false guarantees, lame assurances, and irrational tuition fees.


Our Workshops and Seminars help learners to prepare selectively, concisely, and precisely by saving time and cost by more or less 80% of the unplanned preparation time. IELTS Counsellor’s seminars are designed to troubleshoot weaker areas of English language and test-takers can monitor their progress at every step of preparation.  A series of experience initiated at Infomedia Education and TOEFL Academy has proved that achieving higher IELTS bands through attending ‘One-Day’ Seminars are far more effective than expansive and expensive long-duration IELTS programs offered by your next-door tutors. ‘One-Day’ seminars are promising, affordable, customizable and can save many valuable hours of traditional courses.

IELTS Counsellor prepares you for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) which can be used to fulfill admission and immigration requirements abroad. This training program simplifies the strategies used in IELTS, facilitates quick review of the previous IELTS questions, simulates the real-time IELTS exam and prepares you with the key competencies of the English language, including grammar and lexis.


​​IELTS Counsellor keeps its doors open for the entrepreneurs who are capable with skills, vision and sincerity and wish to collaborate to setup or extend their ongoing educational setup for IELTS training.  In this regard, as a policy we welcome only one alliance from each country. For details, one may contact the head office (India) through the E-mail: 

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