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Instructional Designer

Scope / Responsibilities
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An IT company is looking for an Instructional Designer who can design and develop learning solutions to educate company's workforce while improving organization performance. He/she should work collaboratively with Subject Matter Experts and Technical Writers to effectively translate the department's procedures into meaningful training materials.

Min. Experience:

3 - 5


Graduation + Related Professional Qualifications 

Work Mode: 


Recruiter / Publisher:

An IT Company

Date Posted:

July 25, 2022 at 9:00:00 PM


Aligarh, Kochi, Kolkata, Dammam

Conduct Training Needs Analyses to determine training performance gaps within matrix organization.
Create storyboards for approval for development for all e-learning courseware.
Develop and delivered new hire training and annual awareness training for Project Management team
Capture and edited video for integration into PowerPoint and e-learning courses
Conduct QA checks for all instructional media to ensure training content is instructionally sound.
Develop Standard Operating Procedures for accreditation process and internal business functions.
Perform upfront analysis for user implementation including gap analysis, storyboards, courses (CBT and ILT), participant guides, and evaluation.
Create prototypes and storyboards for all eLearning courses that reduce course development hours by 30%.
Collaborate with content SME, technical writers, and trainers to support training products, generating a 50% percent increase in overall training materials.
Design custom-eLearning courses tailored to client needs using reality-based scenarios, interactives, and simulations.

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