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IELTS Counsellor is dedicated 24x7 to streamline the teaching and learning processes for the best possible outcomes. A suitable blend of Adaptive Training Technology (ATS) with Cognitive Learning System (CLS) supported by our  innovative Dynamic Blackboard and E-Library has yielded excellent results in improving students' academic performance.

Enrolled students can use the following application form to streamline their studies and test preparation:

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The enrolled students and alumni can use this form for various purposes as applicable*:

  • Accounting Issues

  • Behavioural / Discipline issue

  • Cancellation of a service

  • Canteen membership

  • CBT issue

  • Centre Transfer

  • Certificate issue / correction

  • Course discontinuation

  • Course extension

  • Course Fee

  • Course Transfer

  • Course upgrade      

  • Dynamic Blackboard issues

  • Educate a girl-child (Donation)

  • General Complaint

  • General Feedback

  • General Suggestions

  • Group Admission

  • 'Ishrat Scholarship': Application

  • 'Ishrat Scholarship' : Donation

  • Lecture / Study mode

  • Library membership

  • Login issues

  • Promotional participation

  • Quality matters

  • Redeeming rewards

  • Scheduling issues

  • Study material issues

  • Taking a break

* Disclaimer: The above options or provisions are subject to compliance with the membership terms and conditions applicable on the given date.

* If your request requires any financial transaction, you would be notified about it with the necessary details. 

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