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LKG to UKG English

An interactive, engaging, and age-appropriate flexible program with content suitable for young learners; Offers lots of opportunities, uses simple vocabulary, sentence structures and a variety of multimedia resources, progressively, to develop children’s English skills in a structured and systematic way. Prepares for TWO more subjects in the same fee.

LKG to UKG English


6 Hrs. / Week x 3 months

School English with TWO more Subjects

Quarterly Fee:       Rs.


School Tuition Form

Today's Discount Code : BYEBYE2023

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NOTE:Choose ENGLISH any 2 subjects from your school/college curriculum. For any 4th and 5th subjects, additional fees will apply, which is equivalent to one-third of the effective course fees for every additional subject. Choose 1 from each of the following:

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Thank you for submitting your applications for admission or academic service. You will receive our confirmation email from within 3 to12 hours as soon as the payment is received.

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