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20 Hours



About Exam

Chartered Accountant is an honorable designation that authorizes and makes the designation holder more credible in the field of accounting. A statutory body certifies candidates as a Chartered Accountant after testing the candidate on the grounds of accountancy, taxation, analytical skills, business practices, corporate laws, and others.

Course Outline

The course is designed by subject experts, teachers and professors who have had intensive experience as renowned instructors. Learners are required to study through the provided media (audio-visuals), books provided as pdf, ZIP files, short notes from the teachers and attending live classes, usually online. The lessons are designed to cover all of the subject areas in the exam and prioritized on the basis of latest trends in terms of question complexities and examination pattern.


Regional Academic Director - IELTS Counsellor

English for CA exam

The teachers would be IELTS Counsellor Regional Director, assigned to take specific advanced English courses based on the programme requirements as well as the English proficiency level of the learners.

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