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IELTS Counsellor has intensified its efforts in supporting deserving students for fulfilment of their academic goals - by helping them to choose the institution of their choice, getting financial support from their colleges, or even, to work-from-home, if the need arises.


Under the aegis of trusted organizations worldwide, our prime objective is to ensure that the learning cycle of sharp minds is endowed with consistency and stability. In this regard, our mission is to make foreign universities accessible to

  • learners who cannot afford the spiraling cost of their ambitious academic programmes.

  • students who are lacking guidance about the choice of their next academic destination.

  • scholars who need better options to evaluate before they choose their university for advanced studies.

Basic SOS Membersip

"You are a student seeking immediate guidance with minimum options, probably because you're ready to travel within days or weeks ."

Scholarships in US

Based on the professional assessment of your profile and your choices, we shall find the best international or national university. To proceed, fill this form with the membership fees and submit your biodata (CV) with copies of professional and Educational certificates:

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Scholarships in USA for International Students

  • Institutional scholarships in US are made available directly from the college.

  • Institutional scholarships (including room waivers) are contingent upon the completion of each semester they are awarded.

  • Should you fail to complete the semester due to a leave of absence, dismissal, disciplinary probation, and/or withdrawal from the college, the scholarship will be withdrawn in full.

  • As such, any student whose scholarship award has been applied to their student account will be liable for reimbursing the college for the amount of the scholarship.

  • Scholarship awards are not automatically renewed for continuing students.

  • Once awarded, students are reviewed each year to determine ongoing eligibility for scholarships.

  • There is no formal application process at IELTS Counsellor for institutional scholarships.

  • Scholarship criteria vary for students in the Liberal Arts and Sciences and students in the School of the Arts.

  • Some scholarships are major-specific, so changing majors may impact scholarship eligibility.

  • All scholarships are based upon the availability of funds. Other variables may include residency, programs of interest, and time of admission.

Scholarships in Canada for International Students


There are a limited number of Canada Scholarships compared to the large number of USA scholarships, UK scholarships, or Australia scholarships that are available for foreign students.


[A] International Undergraduate Scholarships in Canada


Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships

The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program at the University of Toronto is intended to recognize international students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement and creativity and who are recognized as leaders within their school.  The scholarship will cover tuition, books, incidental fees, and full residence support for four years.


Humber College International Entrance Scholarships

Humber offers renewable full and partial tuition scholarships to NEW international students beginning classes in September and January of each year.

York University International Student Scholarship Program

International students who have an excellent academic record and admitted to York University are eligible for scholarships worth $60,000 – $100,000 for a four-year degree program.


University of British Columbia Scholarships for International Students

UBC recognizes the academic achievement of outstanding students from around the world by devoting more than $10 million CAD annually to awards, scholarships and other forms of financial assistance for international undergraduate students.


International Leader of Tomorrow Award and 

Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award


Carleton University Entrance Scholarships for International Students

Carleton offers partial scholarships worth $4,000 – $16,000 to exemplary students who meet the admission average criteria of 80% and above.


[B] International Graduate Scholarships in Canada


Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS) was created to attract and retain world-class doctoral students and to establish Canada as a global centre of excellence in research and higher learning.  The scholarships are towards a doctoral degree (or combined MA/PhD or MD/PhD) at participating Canadian Universities.  The scholarship is worth $50,000 per year for three years.


University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships

The University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships (UMGF) are merit-based awards that are open to students of any nationality who will be registered as full-time graduate students (Masters or Ph.D.) at the University of Manitoba.  The fellowships are valued at $18,000 for PhD students, or $14,000 for Masters’ students for a 12-month period.


Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships

The scholarships are open to foreign nationals (with a preference for candidates from the developing world) who are applying to a doctoral program in the social sciences and humanities or registered full-time in the first or second year of such a program at a Canadian university.  Its annual value is up to $60,000 per scholar for a maximum of three years.


University of Waterloo International Master’s and Doctoral Student Awards

Eligible full-time international students starting a research-based master’s program or PhD program will receive an International Student Award valued at $2,045 per term for 2 years (Master’s) or $4,090 per term for 3 years (PhD).


University of Calgary Graduate Awards

University of Calgary offers a wide range of full and partial scholarships for international students. Scholarship value range from $1,000 to $40,000 and covers different fields of study.