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IELTS Counsellor's SoS Membership
for Scholarships or Admission Support

IELTS Counsellor has intensified its efforts in supporting deserving students for fulfilment of their academic goals - by helping them to choose the institution of their choice, getting financial support from their colleges, or even, to work-from-home, if the need arises.


Under the aegis of trusted organizations worldwide, our prime objective is to ensure that the learning cycle of sharp minds is endowed with consistency and stability. In this regard, our mission is to make foreign universities accessible to

  • learners who cannot afford the spiraling cost of their ambitious academic programmes.

  • students who are lacking guidance about the choice of their next academic destination.

  • scholars who need better options to evaluate before they choose their university for advanced studies.

Basic SOS Membersip

"You are a student seeking immediate guidance with minimum options, probably because you're ready to travel within days or weeks ."

Scholarships in US

Based on the professional assessment of your profile and your choices, we shall find the best international or national university. To proceed, fill this form with the membership fees and submit your biodata (CV) with copies of professional and Educational certificates:

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