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    Combined course for three levels of English Orators
    Valid for 4 months
    • Let your children speak for future.
    • Let them be the perfect communicators
    • Let them exhibit command over English
    • Contens include everything from EO1, EO2, and EO3
    • Three End-Semester Projects
    • Placement Offers in Sales, Marketing, PR, CRM, and HRM.
  • Test My IELTS

    Test your IELTS Preparation
    • Take an online test for your initial or final preparation
    • Includeds all the subject of IELTS test
    • Choose your convenient schedule (48 hrs prior to test)
    • Get examiner feedback on errors within 48 hours
    • Get recommendations from IELTS Counsellor on improvements
  • Self-Paced Course

    Attend all the classes you wish, every month at ease.
    Valid for 6 months
    • Certificate in Communicative English
    • Certificate in English Speaking L 1-3
    • Certificate in English Speaking L-2
    • Certificate in English Speaking L-3
    • Certificate in English Speaking L-1
    • Proficiency in Academic English

    The FIRST LEVEL introducing the basic principles of Speaking
    Valid for 8 weeks
    • Unit-1 Basic Phonetics
    • Unit-2 Classification of Lexis
    • Unit-3 Grammar & Accuracy
    • Unit-4 Reading, Writing, Listening Skills & Speaking Skill
    • Unit-5 Principles of Public Speaking
    • Unit-6 Situational Vocabulary & Range of Expressions
    • Unit-7 Objection Handling & Nature of Audience
    • Unit-8 Understanding Body Language

    SECOND PHASE introducing the essentials of Spoken English
    Valid for 5 weeks
    • Unit-1. The Communication Theory
    • Unit-2. Group Communication - Understanding the Audience
    • Unit-3 Speech-making & Assessment
    • Unit-4 Essential Presentation Skills
    • Unit-5 Use of Computers in Creating Presentations
    • Unit-6 Use of Multimedia Devices
    • Unit-7 Project: Presentation, Webinar, Events

    The THIRD PHASE exposing the principles of Public Speaking
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Unit-1. Understanding The Need for Public Speaking
    • Unit-2. Understanding The Successful Speech Styles
    • Unit-3. Listening To the Famous Orators of The World
    • Unit-4. Practicing The Revered English Speech Skills
    • Unit-5. Practicing for Fluency, Discretion, Conviction, etc.
    • Unit-6. Project Based on Speech Making, Monologue, Dialogue,
    • Unit-7. Certification by ADACALL and IELTS Counsellor.

IMPORTANT: Please do not pay any fees to any teacher or representative. Pay directly through the IELTS Counsellor website. Use PayPal if other payment modes do not work.

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