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IELTS Counsellor is a prominent consultant and education provider for IELTS, PTE, and English proficiency course online.  Exceptionally high scores are noted among test takers.  Their IELTS preparation material have become highly popular among online learners. OET preparation course online is also ranking high.


Skillful communication enables you to establish rapport with people, solicit crucial information, and work effectively with all members of a team at workplace, and the public. 

Adaptive Academic Alliance Pvt Ltd is the parent company of IELTS Counsellor

IELTS Counsellor is now an ADACALL enterprise

ATTENTION: We, at ADACAL (Adaptive Academic Alliance) and its sister companies (IELTS Counsellor, Infomedia Education, etc.) have noted that some unauthorized centers such as the one in Kolkata and West Bengal are using our names, logos and websites to enroll students in courses by claiming their alliance with us. We raise strong alert that we have NOT franchised or authorized any institute or representative in Kolkata or in any part of India. All admissions are done only through this website. Kindly report your concerns with relevant details to: +91-9207544792 or . ADACAL and its entities will not take responsibility of your dealings of any kind with such fake institutions. 

Feautured Courses

IELTS Counsellor's remarkable evolution is embedded in its Quality Policy


Satisfaction is GuaranteedI because you get your target scores through IELTS Counsellor's approach and your hard work

IELTS Counsellor is identified as a familiar educator in the prestigious education-valley of India. When it comes to coaching for International English Proficiency Tests, or Standardized English Tests, our performance meets the global standards. Most of our test takers have achieved their intended results and secured their permanent residency in Canada, US, UK, and Australia.

A recent survey conducted on our students, confirmed that they enjoyed IELTS Counsellor courses mainly due to certain qualities which are quite uncommon in online training programs. Some of these being:


Courses customized for affordability and flexibility


Dedicated e-Library with latest official test resource


Comparative analysis of essays and speech attributes


Regular progress-check with personalized comment


Expert choice of important and essential test topics


Comprehensive coverage of the English test content


Unlimited access to optionally affordable resources


Examiner feedback through the dynamic blackboard


Strategy-based training - pivotal to the test patterns


Exposure to wide range of lexis and sentence styles


Use of research-based concepts such as ATT + CLS*


Face-to-face interactions that make learners confident

Along with English language training, IELTS Counsellor has been providing guidance to students and expatriates to boost their career development efforts. Students can get support in choosing a university that suits their learning needs. Expatriates can get our guidance in selecting the best destinations to settle in life.

Higher Bands become reality through proper coordination between student and the teachers. Test materials of the previous OET exam are designed to elevate scores of the OET test takers. IELTS Books that we use are recommended by the, the IDP, and the British Council. Past papers of the IELTS exam usually published by the Cambridge University for General Module and Academic Module are the ideal sources for self-practice. To avoid a retest the test-takers should treat these international English proficiency tests  as seriously as possible.

Popular Preparatory Courses

From Goals to Mission...  From Targets to Success... We are with YOU

International English Proficiency Tests

IELTS - International English Language Testing System

TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language

PTE - Pearson's Test for English

OET - Occupational English Test

SAT - Scholastic Aptitude Test

GMAT - Graduate Management Admission Test

GRE - Graduate Record Examination

iTEP - International Test of English Proficiency

TOEIC - Test of International English Communication

TKT- Teacher's Knowledge Test

CELTA - Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults

HSE - Health, Safety and Environmental Courses with Certifications


What does "Success Insured" Preparation mean to you?

  1. IELTS Counsellor will help student in achieving target score within the minimum possible attempt.

  2. Student and the teacher would collaborate in terms of scheduling and assignment reviews.

  3. IELTS Counsellor will continue coaching and guidance until  the agreed target is achieved.

  4. IELTS Counsellor will provide all essential learning material for effective training.

  5. Student will not pay the fee for repeating the course (if needed to repeat after an unsuccessful attempt)

  6. Success Insured program is a 'win-win' agreement between the IELTS Counsellor, teacher, and student.

Achievements and Approach

Sagacity, curiosity, and necessity define our training approach

Make your education affordable
Time is money
Two-in-one fulfilment: Get certified for your test preparation
A systematic test preparation
Step-by-step improvement
Become proficient in English
A target approach towards language learning
Regular progress reviews
Recommended study materials
IELTS Counsellor Success Rates

From 1990s to 2020s : Tutoring for excellence has become our hobby

IELTS Counsellor founded as TOEFL Academy in 1998 (India) …

Now exclusively an online tutoring facility.


Our teachers are online, serving worldwide…

So, we personalize your studies perfectly.


We don’t comment on other teachers or institutions …

We just prepare YOU to appreciate us.


We realize the impact of pandemic on your economy …


But nothing can be FREE in real terms…

There is pain, effort, and need for commitment to perform.

Qualified PG Academics

Subject Experts

Cambridge Certified Teachers

Ultimate Experience

Flexible Learning System

Affordable  Fees

Electronic Library

Dynamic Blackboard

24x7 Support Services

Foreign university admissions

Academic scholarships

Smart-Ed, ATT & CLS

Global access to English experts

Extended Entrepreneurial Support

IELTS Preparation

This is why we gained prominence in IELTS training

IELTS Band 9
IELTS Band 8
IELTS Band 7
IELTS Band 6
IELTS Band 5

IELTS Counsellor is one of the best English institutes offering the best English proficiency courses online. Exceptionally high scores are noted. Their IELTS preparation material are unique. Monitored by subject experts, this English language school has secured commendable success in this region, particularly in online training for IELTS in AlKhobar, and high ranking in online training for OET in AlKhobar and Dammam, and PTE (Academic Pearson Test of English) in Saudi Arabia.

IELTS Counsellor is one of the best English institutes offering the best English proficiency courses online. Exceptionally high scores are noted. Their IELTS preparation material are unique. Monitored by subject experts, this English language school has secured commendable success in this region, particularly in online training for IELTS in AlKhobar, and high ranking in online training for OET in AlKhobar and Dammam, and PTE (Academic Pearson Test of English) in Saudi Arabia.

Englsh forArabic Speakrs

Higher score is not as important as your ability to use it ...

What is English?
Sentence Structure and Types
Learn The Art of Conversation; Not Just English Speaking
What are the common mistakes in English?
Who is eligible for CELPIP?
What are clauses in English grammar?
Beginners' Favourite English Course

... that's why, our value addition remains perennial ...

What is Business English?
English for Arabic Learners
What is the strategy for fluency development?
What is fluency development?
How can I improve my command over spoken?
What is the importance of speaking?
What is the comfort zone in learning?
Speak like an orator

We don't want you to be a speaker; we work to make you an ORATOR

English for Career Development
Be an spontaneous speaker of English language an a fluent orator.
Intensive Spoken English Course
Speak English Professionally
In Person, Online, and On the Phone
Practise, practise, practise. Practice makes perfect. ...
We open the doors to higher education and improve employment opportunities
We use use tongue twisters to practice enunciation
We Teach You The  Art of Stage Presentation
Not Just an English Speaker But An Ardent Orator but an
Virtual Family Classrooms

The seeds of knowledge are sown first within your family

Family Classrooms

Ranging from International English tests (IELTS, PTE, OET, TOEFL, SAT, TEFL & CELTA) to the English language improvement programs, or may it be your school studies or a business project, this course has everything that you need for your valuable career goals. IELTS Counsellor has successfully conducted Family Classrooms, adding immense value to the learners' capabilities and precious experience to our teachers.  In this program, a range of subjects can be chosen depending upon the common learning outcomes of all the family members participating online or on-campus.​​

International English Proficiency Test

Communicative English

Business Communication 

Academic English

School Subjects

School Homework Support

Natural and Applied Sciences

Visual Arts

What do our students say?

Well-structured Courses


Save Valuable Time

Reduce Preparation Cost

Collect Essential Study Material

Gain self-confidence

We explain the layout of examination: the question types and the pattern.

We describe English skills and grammar to boost your fundamentals in English.

We explain the exam tips and strategies until you understand and apply them.

We provide On-Screen Presentations so that you remember the facts.

We calibrate your performance and outcomes  progressively, comparatively.

We explain the Examiners' Evaluation Mechanism.

We demonstrate Examiner's feedback by using Question Bank.

We let you collect the subject content as Concise Learning Summary.

We keep the preparation under control using the Cognitive Learning System.

We include all the perspectives and criteria including the Band Descriptors.

We role-play the exam Discourse Markers and practice with you, interactively.


✍️  Enrolment Related Questions ✍️

Who can enroll in IELTS Counsellor courses?  

Any test-taker, from any city or country.

Priority is given to applicants with the nearest exam dates.


How many students in each group?

In session must not have more than 7 students.

Where can I get further information?

Send your questions through the Get-in-Touch


Who would teach me?

Subject experts are assigned based on

applicant's preferred schedule, course type and target result


What would be the schedule? 

Learners may choose morning, afternoon, evening, or night hours.

Classes are conducted online as well as in-campus (selected cities).

You may opt for any 3, 4, or 5days in a week.

Will I get learning material? 

Yes. Examiner-recommended Books are provided as hard copies.

 + Dynamic Blackboard & E-Library

What is the location & Mode?

Our training services are global, Online, and face-to-face with teachers

{We don't enrol you for recorded, passive lectures}

Is there any deadline for admission?

Usually, the dates are announced, but applications are accepted regularly.

Where to complete the admission?

If you are not sure about the choice of course, contact our Academic Advisor

How to proceed for admission locally?

If we are operating in your city, we will guide you accordingly.

So, the first step is to fill out the admission form. There is not fees for it.

... that's why, our students remember us ...

Sydney Sevilla

Sydney Sevilla - An IELTS Counsellor Student

"This is because of the IELTS Counsellor's support and effective training that I could secure my desired IELTS bands in just first attempt. Without their well-structured lessons it could be a costly and tiresome effort for me. This finally helped me proceed to migrate Canada. Thanks a lot!"

Get In Touch

... and that's why we invite ambitious people to be in our team.

Get In Touch
Upload a document if needed

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Our Regional Academics

... and take it as a mission

Mr. Aroosh - The IELTS, OET &  PTE  Expert

Time has groomed us with training skills in diversified disciplines that widened the scope of our professional domain.  Formerly established as TOEFL Academy, we continue to serve as education provider for test takers and examiner for English language institutions worldwide. We excel in modern education systems, and an important off-shoot of the Adaptive Academic Alliance Pvt. Ltd. Moreover, we are proud of being a decade-long member of the online Cambridge Teachers Association, UK.

S. Aroosh
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Foundation for Global Association of Teachers
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