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Introduces The Swift Migration Support

Migrate Through the Adaptive Academic Alliance (ADACALL)


IELTS Counsellor - The English offshoot of ADACALL,  prepares you for the proficiency tests that are essentially needed as prerequisites for immigration.  Among these, the most prominent are IELTS, PTE, OET and CELPIP.  While teaching you how to achieve expertise in English communication, we also feel the need to assist you at the level of information sharing, so that you know the milestones of your career voyage. Our Government has approved ADACALL and certified it through the MCA and the  MSME to deliver academic and career services to students and professionals.

To what extent IELTS Counsellor can help you in Immigration ?


The good news to our students and alumni has finally published:  We have started collecting applications for:

  • Professional Profiling

  • Education Abroad

  • Job offer from Overseas

  • Permanent Residency Filing

  • Academic Scholarships

This may help you migrate confidently to your destination countries like Canada, US, UK,  Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. The information that we collect from reliable sources will help you in taking right decision at the right time. In this regard, we recommend our enrolled students globally, to become a member of our CareerVacs Project so that you are not misguided by agencies looking for every opportunity to exploit the situation. 

We, just won't allow you to do the mistake that Alice did:



Migrant's Corner

Migrant's Corner

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